Spotless knows that every home is different, which is why we offer several
cleaning services options that fit your needs.

One-Time Cleaning

There are several occasions for one-time cleaning services and several benefits, too! While most of our customers prefer cleaning services on a regular basis, we recognize that many homeowners and businesses choose to try out a cleaning company once before determining if they’re the best, most trustworthy choice for their cleaning needs. You can rest assured that our residential housekeepers go through a detailed vetting process and a thorough background check before training to join our team.

Call Spotless Janitorial Service for those special cleaning missions, let our professional cleaners spend a little extra time on helping you customize your one-time cleaning plan to get the job done!

We’re confident in our ability to meet or exceed your expectations. That’s why our services are backed by our guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our one-time cleaning service, contact Spotless Janitorial Service by the end of the next business day and we will come back to your home and reclean it again no charge to the customer.

Weekly Cleaning Service

A lot can happen throughout the week for busy homes and big families, and large businesses. Save valuable time by finding a day of the week that’s most convenient for us to visit. We’re flexible, too. If we need to adjust the appointment by a day or two, or even by a few hours, just let us know. Once-a-week cleaning is an excellent choice for most, prices may vary. Call today for more information.

Monthly Cleaning Service

Monthly cleaning is a great option for ones that can handle the little things from week to week but need more help to tackle bigger cleaning tasks. It’s also a great way to address issues like allergens, bacteria, and dust buildup.

Count on Spotless to vacuum, dust, mop, and sanitize the busiest (and dirtiest!) areas of your home. We work with you to design a personalized cleaning plan to focus on the spaces that need the most attention while paying extra close to my customers with asthma, constant migraine, nasal congestion from excessive dust around the house, you can benefit from a monthly deep cleaning call or click for an estimate today!

Bi-weekly Cleaning Service

Every other week is a terrific way to get some extra hands to help with upkeep around the house. This is a very popular service that many of our customers opt for year-round. If you use our bi-weekly cleaning service and your situation changes or realize you need us more often, no problem! We’ll be happy to adjust your cleaning service as needed.

Recurring Cleaning Services

Sometimes taking things like house cleaning off your schedule can give you more time to spend time with the people you care about. Schedule a regular cleaning service appointment and create time to do the things you care about most. Call today to schedule your first appointment.

Move-In /Out Cleaning

When our spotless team leaves your new home, it will look and feel clean because it truly is. Our move-in and move-out cleaning services eliminate dirt, grime, and odors with top-to-bottom cleaning.

Spotless move-in cleaning services deliver guaranteed results that will put a sparkling shine on your new place and a smile on your face! Our move-in cleaning team cleans room by room and tracks down dirt and buildup no matter where it tries to hide. Whether you’re moving out, moving in, or looking for a way to keep your new home clean week after week.

Most lease or rental agreements typically include information about move-out cleaning, which is a common practice for apartment and condo subleases. Refer to your original lease agreement or contact your landlord for specific details about move-out cleaning requirements. Spotless can help call or click today for a free estimate!

Spotless Special Event Cleaning Services

Our special event cleaning team can assist with preparation and/or post-event cleanup. Tell us what you need, and we’ll develop an action plan to help you get it all done. Before your event starts, we can vacuum rugs, mop down surfaces, and tidy up the space so it looks perfect for your special occasion. Each cleaning task helps ensure your location will shine and is ready to receive guests.
We can help make your life easier after the event too! Need garbage cans emptied and liners replaced, debris collected, and the space back together, how about removing decorations to ensure that the site looks just like it did before the event? After everything is removed, our event professional cleaning service team can do a thorough cleaning to ensure everything looks just right.

Do I Need to Be Present

We know the time leading up to your special event can be extremely busy. If you have a lot of other things on your event planning list to get done, no worries. We can clean and get your event space ready without you there. The same goes for the post-event cleanup. Our team of experienced cleaning pros can handle everything while you’re away.

Special Event Cleaning

Planning for your special event is a lot easier when you find a special event cleaning service team that works with you to understand your cleaning preferences, budget, and schedule. We’re proud to provide local families and businesses with industry-leading cleaning services catered to their precise needs. No matter what you have in mind for your next event, Spotless can help make getting it all done a lot easier.
Let us know your cleaning priorities, preferences, and schedule, and we’ll help ensure your next event is a big success. To learn more about all the cleaning services we offer, give us a call or click today!
We value the trust required to welcome Spotless into your home. That’s why we use safe and sustainable cleaning products that protect you and your family from germs and harsh chemicals. Our environmentally friendly cleaning services help us earn your trust while putting you and the environment first.
We offer cleaning solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs. If you are curious about the cleaning products we use, we will be happy to inform you and adjust to ensure you’re comfortable with every aspect of our visit.
Whether it’s a one-time cleaning or recurring cleaning, trust Spotless to meet you where you are.